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We have closed our business permanently. Click here or call:
203-909-2535 if you're interested in buying one of our puppets.

Live Dinosaurs - Dinosaur Theme Event Planning


Live Dinosaurs brings dinosaurs back to life in your own backyard! We are experts in providing full-service dinosaur themed events and parties for all ages and backgrounds. Our fully insured and certified staff provides games, crafts, party favors, furniture rentals, table decorations, photo opportunities, and interactions with our dinosaurs.
The "Live Dinosaurs" program is informative and educational. Our professional handlers will keep the presentation engaging and entertaining. Our best shows are the results of exceptional planning and we look forward to visiting with you in the very near future.You can pick from any of the selections below, and we offer customized solutions to meet your individual needs. We set it up, run it, and break it down when it's over, so all you need to do is make memories. Our Hollywood-quality dinosaur puppets are also available for film projects.


Minimum of 16 Guests
Goods and Services Price
Transportation and Setup $250 plus $0.50 per mile over 50 miles
Party Supplies $25 per 8 guests
Craft Supplies $5 per guest
Table and Chair Rental $40 per 8 guests
Baby Triceratops Encounter $250
Tyrannosaurus Rex Encounter $350
Dinosaur Goody Bags $6 per guest
The host assumes all responsibility for providing food and drinks for the guests.
For the safety of the guests, trainers, and dinosaurs, we reserve the right to postpone, reschedule, or cancel any event due to inclement weather at any time. A refund will apply to any services paid for and not provided due to such a cancellation.
The live performance might, by simply the appearance of our dinosaurs, cause some pets to act aggressively, flee, or panic. For the safety of all pets and participants, the performance area should be cleared of all pets.


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Our Live Dinosaur School Assembly Program is designed to teach Elementary School aged children about basic life sciences, animal safety, and conservation using our Hollywood-quality dinosaur puppets as a metaphor for modern wildlife, and the 45-minute presentation fits most any school's schedule with minimal disruption. Students are given an opportunity to learn not just about dinosaurs, but modern life and ecosystems using the universal appeal of dinosaurs as a catalyst for starting environmental conversations and sparking children's natural curiosity.
Just being around a dinosaur is a thrill for any child, and we ensure a safe and positive environment for everyone involved. The facts presented in our show are researched thoroughly and reviewed by certified educators to present the most up to date understanding of the world as it was over 65 million years ago.
Use the contact form above to request more information and schedule your school's next exciting event!


Having the Live Dinosaur team at your event or party is an unforgettable experience. The dinosaurs are some of the most realistic you'll find anywhere, and unlike some dinosaur parks and shows, you can step right up next to them! Guests and friends will talk about what they saw for years to come.

"The Dinos were the highlight of my daughter's graduation party! Highly recommend!!!"
-Jeanne Parrish



Trixie, the Baby Triceratops
Species: Triceratops Horridus
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female

Trixie was hatched two years ago, and look at how big she's gotten already! We won't be able to carry her around in our arms for much longer, because when she's fully grown, she'll be the size of a small bus. In order for our dinosaurs to be safe around humans, they need to be exposed to people at a young age. Trixie is a little bit shy, but once she warms up to people, she's a happy little dinosaur.

Click to see pictures of Trixie!


Zed, the Juvenile T. Rex
Species: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Age: 9 years
Gender: Male

Zed is a juvenile T. Rex - basically a teenager - and he's in his last year of our dinosaur training program. He's knows a lot of different commands, and he follows them just like you'd expect from a teenager. Zed has been around people for his entire life, and he does not consider us prey. Just make sure your pets are kept inside! Zed has the ironic tendency to bury bones he's done with in his enclosure back home.

Click to see pictures of Zed!


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